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Tips on Choosing a Colour to Paint your Boundary Fence

When completing a new landscape you need to consider the impact of your boundary fences. Your garden will look its best if paling fences are painted. But getting the right colour is essential.

choosingcolourIdeally you want your fence colour to tie into your new landscape and make the garden and boundary more attractive. It is an area that is worthy of some consideration, get the wrong colour and it can make your yard look really small, lighter colours tend to have this effect as they don’t create depth.

These few tips will make selecting a fence colour easier:

  • A key feature of painting a fence is to make the foliage of your plants stand out more. So it’s best to avoid any colour that is too similar to your plant colours.
  • Light colours and warm colours visually move forwards, so avoid using these types of colours for your boundary fence as it will make your yard look a lot smaller, visually bringing it in.
  • Dark colours are often best; they won’t make an area feel small because they make green foliage stand out more giving added dimension, interest and depth to your yard.
  • You don’t want your fence to become the feature of your garden, avoid bold bright colours these are best used on an exterior feature wall to draw attention. When used on a fence it takes focus off the beautiful vibrant coloured plants and flowers.
  • Remember when using colours outside in full sun they appear a lot lighter and the undertone of the colour can look far more dominant.
  • Test sample colours on your fence, but make sure you put them behind some foliage to get a feel for what they will look like.

If you are unsure, black is best it will create the perfect backdrop for green foliage and colourful plants and flowers. It will create depth, interest and drama to your yard making it look larger and more attractive.

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